Eric Carr · Collection

This collection is fully sanctioned by the Eric Carr Estate.

In 1980, Paul Charles Caravello, better known as Eric Carr, took over as the drummer of KISS, replacing the original drummer Peter Criss. Eric not only adopted his own unique make-up persona as The Fox but also modernized KISS's sound to align with the emerging Heavy Metal trends of the early eighties. His powerful drumming significantly influenced the renewed style of the 1982 album "Creatures of the Night," bringing it closer to the band's original dark and heavy concept.

During his tenure as KISS's drummer, Eric contributed to the recording of seven studio albums and performed in 654 shows worldwide. Despite his thunderous drumming on stage, Eric was known for his gentle soul and playful personality, often expressed through jokes and tricks. His fans cherished him as much as he cherished them.

Tragically, Eric Carr passed away from Heart Cancer on November 24, 1991, at the age of 41.